The Bachelor of Music Performance Scholarship is sponsored by the LA Breakfast Club Foundation and will be awarded to an intermediate or advanced student newly enrolling in the Bachelor of Music in Performance Program (Contemporary Styles) who demonstrates outstanding skills in any genre. This scholarship is open to all instruments.


For programs beginning FALL 2019
Deadline is August 30th, 2019


  • The total scholarship award will be $1,500 credited toward the first quarter of the program.


  • Available to international students and U.S. citizens.
  • May only be applied to the Bachelor of Music Performance Program.
  • Current/returning students in any MI program, and newly entering the B.M. program are eligible


  • Scholarship applicants must have submitted the Application for Admissions by the scholarship application deadline and must be entering the B.M. program for the first time.
  • Scholarship is credited toward the first quarter of the program. Scholarships are nontransferable, and may not be applied to any person, program or start date other than the one for which it was awarded.


1. YouTube video URL:

  • Video must contain at a minimum: three (3) diverse songs (in any style on your instrument/voice).
  • It is required that this include two (2) live ensemble (band or duo) performances (No play along tracks will be accepted), and one (1) unaccompanied solo (a capella) piece.
  • You may use electric and/or acoustic instruments. You must be able to demonstrate overall outstanding musicianship, and demonstrate the ability to excel in any style or genre of your choosing on your instrument (or voice).
General Information for all MI Scholarships

1. Scholarship Amounts and Method of Award

  • Scholarships are awarded in the form of tuition credit only.
  • The total award amount will be determined after a review of your application.
  • The total award amount is divided by the number of quarters in your program and credited equally toward each quarter’s tuition (except MI Hardship Scholarship; which is a one-time award).

2. Application and Notification

  • MI Scholarships are available only to students enrolling in a new program. Before you may submit a scholarship application, you must have a Letter of Acceptance from MI’s Admission Department.
  • Scholarship applications are available from the Financial Aid Office or Admissions Department or by download from this site.
  • Completed applications submitted by the appropriate deadline will be reviewed and applicants will be notified of the results within two weeks after the deadline.

3. Other Information

  • All scholarships are non-transferable and may not be applied to any person, program, or start date other than those for which they were originally awarded.
  • Scholarship recipients who fail to meet minimum academic requirements during their enrollment will forfeit any remaining award balance (see scholarship applications for specific requirements).
Gainful Employment Disclosure

Federal regulations require that schools report and disclose specific information on programs that prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation. Refer to the federal program integrity rules.

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